Endeavour animation for “In Pursuit Of Venus”

Posted on Jun 11, 2015
Endeavour animation for “In Pursuit Of Venus”

At the start of the year I finished a little animation for a very very big project by Lisa Reihana – “in Pursuit of Venus [infected]”, a multi projector installation currently on show at the Auckland City Art Gallery.

From the Auckland City Art Gallery Overview – “In 1804, Joseph Dufour created Les Sauvages de la Mer Pacifique, a sophisticated 20-panel scenic wallpaper whose exotic subject matter referenced popular illustrations of the times and mirrored a widespread fascination with Captain Cook and de la Perouse Pacific voyages. Two hundred years later Lisa Reihana reanimates this popular wallpaper as a panoramic video spanning a width of 26 metres.”

It was great to be asked to do the animation as I had already worked on the piece as a Gaffer for a few of the first green screen shoots. I was supplied a model of the HMS Endeavour, Cooks wee boat and asked to animate and texture it so it could be placed in the massive panorama in a few different states. I animated it in Cinema 4d using Greyscale gorilla’s signal plug-in for the basic movement and then animated the sails and flags using Cinema’s cloth engine. I also ended up modelling the stowed sails with the cloth engine by animating constraints around them.

After finishing I handed it off to Mr Sam Tozer of Brownstreet productions for compositing in the finished piece.

Some example/test renders of the Endeavour:

If you are in Auckland, go see it! I am hoping it travels to this side of the world so I can check it out in its multi projected glory!

A section (1 minute excerpt of the finished piece)

More information on the project can be found here: