I am a moving-image artist/freelancer based in Berlin, Germany.

Before relocating to Berlin from New Zealand in 2013 I was employed full time as an animation director at Toybox, a post-production house situated in central Auckland. At Toybox I had the opportunity to take the directorial lead on projects, I also did a fair bit of generalist work. This included FX supervising, animation 3d and 2d, compositing and editing.

Before that I was born in Wellington, New Zealand. I grew up, went to school, dropped in and out of Art School, did a lot of music (colony, repeater) and even more cafe (brazil 1995-2007), a twist of Theatre (stronghold) and finally lashings of film work.


My current 3d weapon of choice is Maxon’s C4D. In 2D the Adobe suite is one ring to the rule them all. With After effects and Premiere being my most used.

I fly two PC’s – a 6 core i7 for speed and a dual 8 core xeon for rendering.

My shooting kit consists of a Kinefinty Kinemini 4k with a Walimex lens set along with associated and necessary bits and bobs.

Dominic Taylor 2015